Government Project Management

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State, federal and local government project management

AML Advisory is one of Australia’s leading government project management partners. We are renowned for overseeing, planning and executing projects for all government sectors at local, state and federal levels. From small programs to large, multi-million dollar projects, AML advisory has the skills, expertise and resources to deliver outcomes that provide value for money, increase capabilities and efficiencies and create sustainable benefits for Australians. 

AML has worked extensively with governments and government agencies from multiple sectors on various projects and requirements. In particular, our team has deep experience in delivering logistics frameworks, program and project management, transition planning and implementation, equipment lifecycle management, analysis, adoption and execution of technological solutions and more.


Customised government project management solutions

When partnering with AML Advisory, you can ensure that your project is managed with the highest level of consideration, care and technical knowledge, ultimately equating to considerable value for your investment. Each of our government project management consultants are executive-level practitioners with broad government-specific experience. Our specialist teams are also hand-picked based on the individual requirements of the government project. We differ from our competitors as the team you engage is the one that will follow you through the entire process from initial consultation to end of engagement support. 

Our team selection is not the only area where we apply a customised approach. We utilise proven methodologies to inform our project management services and then craft a tailored framework that suits the needs of each individual project, sector and government level that work in complete collaboration with your in-house capabilities and resources. This agile approach allows us to take appropriate action toward achieving desirable outcomes throughout every stage of the journey and ensure the skills and expertise are instilled in your organisation to maintain your investment.

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Core Government Project Management Offerings

AML is accredited on government panels for the delivery of our services at federal, state and local levels. We cater to diverse sectors and can deliver projects ranging in size and level of complexity.

AML offers project management services for the following project types:

  • Logistics planning and implementation
  • Program and Project Management
  • Facility Relocation
  • Transition Planning and Implementation
  • Equipment Lifecycle Management
  • Analysis, Adoption and Execution of Technology and Automation Solutions
  • Large-scale builds
  • Fitouts
  • And much more

To view a range of previous projects that have been successfully managed by AML to date, browse our selection of project case studies including:

For any additional information regarding our past government projects and our scope of work, please contact AML Advisory today.