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AML Defence Specialist Expertise

Rapidly changing and dynamic environments are challenges that AML team members adapt to and problem solve for every day to protect Australia’s national interests. AML has been providing Defence services to Australia’s Department of Defence and Defence Industries such as THALES, BAE Systems, KBR, KPMG, QinetiQ and more for nearly two decades. Our consultants have a vast and varied background in Land, Maritime, Aerospace and Joint domains.

The majority of our consultants assigned to Defence programs and contracts were serving members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) or the United States (US) forces. Recent projects have involved AML providing a myriad of services both above the line (Government) and below the line (Industry). AML has delivered services that are central to providing advice at all levels of management from the executive level down to the actual conduct and execution of the work.
Project Management
AML was a key Project Manager for a tranche of the Defence Logistics Transformation Program that focused on supply technology from the warehouse to the frontline users. We undertook to access, develop, and deliver warehouse receipt and issue technology at Defence sites to ensure optimal lifecycle management and reliability. AML led a fully contracted Project Management team that reported to vast and varied government boards. Our experience ensures that we have been at all levels of a project from on-set to final delivery to safely guide any team to completion.
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Logistical Support Services
AML has been actively involved in above the line and below the line activities focusing on logistical support requirements at both the operational and strategic levels. AML has been instrumental in the development of Integrated Logistical Support Plans (ILSP) for the introduction of specialised equipment into military service for a variety of Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) projects. AML has also been involved with logistical analysis studies for the development of strategic distribution functions (DIDS contract) and operational movements processing of personnel and equipment (JMOVGP).
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Contracting and Commercial Services
AML has been a key member in the development of both equipment and ICT project tender documentation, as well as tender evaluation and Source Evaluation Report (SER) compilation for a number of defence acquisition and sustainment projects.  This has included the commercial aspects of pricing and pricing evaluation that has informed capability cost models. AML advisers have specialist experience in the Australian Standard for Defence Contracting (ASDEFCON) process.
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Strategic Advice
AML has a wide range of experience in providing tailored, specific advice at all levels of the chain of command. Our team has advised Executives and Senior Leadership in the development of enhanced business practices and processes. AML has developed strategic documentation for the revitalised ADF Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Defence (CBRND) capability as well as the Land-1508 Tranche-2 program. In this capacity a complete audit was conducted to ensure the program followed all governance and compliance obligations.
AML Defence Experience
"Safe Hands"
Air 5428 Pilot Training System
The ADF AIR 5428 Pilot Training System is designed to deliver the next generation of skilled pilots for the ADF for the next 25 years. AML successfully competed for and won critical roles to deliver this exciting program. In the lead up, AML provided services to the program to establish solid Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), strategies for governance framework and, most importantly, combine and streamline three special project offices (SPOs) into one SPO currently operating as the ATACSPO, headquartered at RAAF Base East Sale, VIC. AML has placed over 15 highly specialised consultants into the Air 5428 program from the onset. Since the program’s inception, AML has been an integral team member in establishing Training Developers for all aspects of the integrated training solution. Our team worked closely with the other members to develop a seamless e-learning environment utilising flight training demonstrators (simulators), on-line training accessible anywhere in the world and traditional classroom training, all in accordance with the Defence Training Manual. Additionally, our team also provided transition services from the acquisition phase of the program into the sustainability phase of the program. This ensured that no lapse of pilot training occurred. AML consultants to this day provide day to day services to the Air 5428 program.
AML consultants have participated in the role of Capture Manager for JP-9711 a $350million dollar opportunity.  In this capacity they teamed with a major international Defence partner to manage the opportunity from all aspects of proposal development. We worked with teaming members to develop a practical solution and implementation plan which led to a proposal being submitted from team members located in five different countries. Additionally, we provided detailed financial analysis of the proposed solution and developed briefs at the executive level for industry and government.
Land 1508 Special Operations
AML provided above the line services to the Defence Prime, requiring project management advice for the development and implementation of documents that would form the foundation for briefings to Cabinet and other important stakeholders. AML conducted a complete audit of previous documents and provided necessary re-writes to ensure compliance with Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) requirements. Specifically, a re-write of the Project Execution Strategy for Tranche 2, a major document and the Communication and Stakeholders Management Plan.
Land 2110 Ph1B
AML was contracted as the Strategic Logistics Adviser to the LAND 2110 Ph1B Project, the revitalisation of the ADF Chemical Biological radiological Nuclear Defence (CBRND) capability. This included responsibilities for development of the Integrated Logistic Support Plan(ILSP). Support services provided by AML were focused to provide the most effective support methodology to deliver the revitalised capability.  In the development of the support system, the First Principles Review (FPR), SmartBuyer direction and key areas of the Defence Industry Policy 2016 were influential in shaping the methodology for both acquisition and support.  AML support was predominantly to the Project Management (PM) and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) Section of the PO, however, has also included support to the Engineering Section.  These services spanned the development of tender documentation through to tender evaluation and contract implementation planning.
LHD Project
AML consultants provided a comprehensive Training Needs Analysis (TNA) for the new Canberra Class, Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) HMAS Canberra. In this capacity we were required to complete a full TNA on the Ships Joint Operations Centre and develop a period of blended E-learning for the Royal Australian Navy. Additionally, using a CryteK operating engine we developed the Shipboard walk-through model a detailed virtual representation of the LHD. This provided the backbone to develop and design sixty-three courses in five different models with an in-depth Learning Management System (LMS) to assess and record the training conducted.
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