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When business leaders are making logistics technology investment decisions, they seek project targets for efficiency, productivity, schedule and budget.  Often constrained by time and resources, they have little appetite to be consumed or distracted by numerous advertised options and the “bright shiny toy” syndrome that can quickly absorb budget and schedule.  Competitive advantage must be grasped when it is on offer and the time between decision and execution of technology investments is considered a risk to your competitive advantage.

AML Advisory has witnessed a dramatic surge in interest by a variety of industry sectors seeking to take advantage of this technology across their logistics operations.  No longer are businesses scared of pursuing this type of technology and actively want to know how to effectively introduce this technology into their workplace operations.

Drones and Robots

Two of the most significant benefits for the utilisation of drones and robots include:
  • Timely business operations intelligence gathering,
  • Reduction or elimination of risks to people working in one of the three D’s environments. This is those environments that are Dull, Dirty and Dangerous.
The proliferation of information and data means existing business must move fast to avoid losing out to their competitors who will be early adopters of this technology.

In terms of drones, the real benefits exist in taking the data, processing, analysing, interpreting the results, and applying it to improve existing business operations. This also means that it requires the right people (e.g. technology specialists and data analysts) on board to realise the benefits.

In terms of robots, the real benefits exist in analysing existing processes, optimising their workflows, automating physical and data operations, consistently monitoring via IoT sensors, dynamically planning and implementing pro-active/preventative (as opposed to reactive) maintenance to ensure business continuity 24x7.

Is your business looking to apply this technology to your operations? With the pace of technology evolution only increasing, are you ready to meet with a representative from AML to discuss your way ahead.
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In-depth Analyses
One of the main aims of using asset management is to deliver the capability for the lowest overall cost. In practice, there are three phases of an asset:
  • Concept and Planning
  • Procurement and Construction
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M)
The first two phases are fast paced, new, exciting and get all attention. The O&M side is repetitive, business as usual (BAU), not as glamorous, and always faces the question of ‘can we defer that for another year?'
Implementing good asset management practices takes time. You need to consider annual budget cycles, competing priorities, and ensuring that assets aren’t being gold plated, nor neglected.  It takes a skill set that is not readily available in the market. We are all aware of the construction boom that has been occurring in Australia, but very few even get training in how to manage assets over their life.

World Drones and Robotics Congress

Interested in learning more?  The 5th World of Drones and Robotics Congress (WoDaRC) will be held on August 18th and 19th at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre, Queensland.

Should you be fortunate to be attending this congress, AML will be exhibiting at the congress on Thursday August 19th and will be available to discuss how your organisation could benefit from a technology solution that meets your needs. If you would like to reserve a time with us ahead of time, please use the booking form below. We look forward to meeting you in Brisbane!  If you cannot make it to the congress and seek to have AML contact you to discuss your business requirements, please register your interest with AML.

AML Advisory (AML) is also pleased to announce that Alan Jones, has been selected to present at the congress and address the topic of ‘Overcoming Options Overload: An agnostic approach to business technology improvements’.

We welcome both large and Small to Medium-size Enterprises (SMEs) to learn and discover how this technology may assist your operations.  AML will provide you with brand agnostic advice in order to make informed decisions and pursue the most appropriate technology solution to drive production efficiency, resource effectiveness and workplace safety.

To book a free session with us at the Congress, please click on the button below.