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Professional Development

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Professional Development

Since establishment in 2003, AML has been involved with professional development and training for both small team environments as well as large national organisations.  AML can deliver training on your behalf or provide tailored, current and peer-reviewed training, development programs, management and coaching programs.  In doing so, this delivers a practical understanding to your workforce by improving areas such as job satisfaction, productivity and efficiency.  Job security has been replaced by career security and building business skills and core competencies is the number one contributor to success. AML’s consulting and professional development training programs can help you and your teams align on a path to build the skills necessary to lead through changing times.

Training Expertise

Our professional development  training expertise has assisted organisations with:
  • Training design and development, primarily related to team building, ERP systems and defence logistical support; strategic and operational.
  • Training delivery services-members have delivered thousands of training hours using e-learning and blended learning along with more traditional methods of instruction.
  • Training governance including the processes / procedures for governance activities with respect to courseware and development of processes and procedures for the Training Systems Integration, and
  • Training support planning in the context of development of Integrated Logistic Support Plans (ILSP).

Beneficial professional development training

There are a number of reasons why undertaking a suite of professional development courses will be of benefit to your company:
  • Engaged Workforce - offering training and development opportunities to your staff will likely lead to higher job satisfaction and as a result, you’ll see increased productivity and a reduction in staff attrition.
  • Unique Skill Sets - by partnering with a professional development team that offer a tailored approach, you will gain a workforce with professional skills that are directly aligned to your organisational goals.
  • Mentoring - knowledge learned from professional development training can be shared with other teams within the organisation and incorporated into onboarding of new team members.

Why professional Development Training?

Diversity and Teams
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Communication, productivity and performance, all familiar terms; add the cultural element and they all bring on another dimension.

AML can help identify the critical impact points created by diverse work situations. Regardless if it is based on a team crossing borders, or individuals from different backgrounds, we have the best practices to create an efficient interface.
Business Communications
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Without established channels and best practices around the way we communicate in organisations, both productivity and performance will be lost, ultimately impacting our competitive advantage.

AML can help refine the way your employees interact through cultural and business lenses and work to establish a better control over how communications manifest themselves at the point of delivery.
Regardless of the definition, organisations who are developing the best leaders share a core set of values and behaviors, applied across the enterprise.

AML can help identify these best practices and then establish them as norms within your company via a measurable and developmental strategy that can be embraced across the enterprise.
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Productivity is the way we measure our effectiveness and balance the ROI within people, process, and technology.

AML can help define the productivity ratios best suited for your ROI goals and then help establish best practices to not only meet, but exceed those goals.

Book a consultation with our professional development team to discuss your business objectives and tailor an approach to develop aligned skills within your organisation.

Look to further enhance your business operations through AML’s effective procurement consultancy services and our comprehensive asset management and project management strategies.

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