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Project at a Glance

Focus Area:
Department of Defence
Approximately 75,000 operational service men and women
15-20 years, including ongoing asset sustainment
Soldiers Helping Out a Wounded Soldier
Healthcare Workers Wearing PPE Kits
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Client Profile

The Department of Defence is responsible to the Australian Government to protect the Australian people and Australia’s national interests. It discharges this responsibility through the three Services: Navy, Army and Air Force. Defence capabilities are identified and managed as discrete activities with financial attribution and resources attributed to each. The Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG) are responsible for the acquisition and support for all Defence capabilities.

Project Profile

The acquisition and sustainment of a new fleet of equipment to provide the Australian Defence force with the latest technology and capability to protect Australia’s national interests against Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) threats. In total, this amounted to the acquisition of more than 500 different types of equipment with a total asset holding of 750,000 separate equipment items.

AML was engaged to:

  • Develop the Acquisition Plan that would provide Scope the equipment requirements to meet the Defence capability requirements for the replacement of the extant fleet of equipment in all three Services
  • Develop the sustainment plan that would provide Life Cycle Capability support services for the initial ten (10) years of service, post introduction into service
  • Develop the logistical components of the Acquisition and Support Request for Tender (RFT documentation
  • Assist the Commonwealth with the evaluation of tender documents
  • Prepare government documentation to permit executive decision for the award of Preferred Tenderer
  • Assist the Commonwealth with contract negotiations
  • Ensure the sustainment plan is capable of meeting both training and operational demands for availability of equipment stock holdings
  • Design the process plans for the coordination of training and operational stock
  • Ensure the logistical support plans align with Commonwealth policies
  • Ensure the logistical support plans meet the intent of the Government Defence white paper and subsequent strategic guidance planning documents
  • Develop the Acquisition and Support Contracts to meet the Defence requirements

Services provided:

  • Project Management
  • Procurement
  • Equipment Sustainment
  • Logistics Advice