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Project Management Consulting Services

Project Management Consulting Services in Melbourne & Regional Victoria

AML has been optimising workflows and enhancing the outputs of organisations throughout Melbourne and Regional Victoria since its inception in 2003. Our engagements have encompassed all project types including small-scale projects all the way through to large multi-faceted commercial and government programs.

By partnering with AML Advisory, your company will have access to the most skilled and accomplished project and program managers in the industry. Our high-performing delivery teams act as an extension of your own, working harmoniously to reach realistic and practical milestones and generate meaningful results.

We deliver positive business benefits that remain long after our engagement period as we provide the tools and frameworks needed to sustain the project well into the future.

The AML Approach to Project Management

We exercise our industry prowess by implementing recognised and accredited methodologies and then build upon these proven methods by applying a contemporary, personal and experience-based framework. We see every organisation from a big-picture perspective, allowing us to tailor our approach to program and project management to suit your business's individual goals, internal operations and desired outcomes .Our way of working empowers us to respond to individual challenges in an agile and iterative manner, staying on track and focused on quantifiable outputs. But it goes far beyond everyday workflow management. AML takes a hands-on approach to project management, ensuring that your business has a reliable project partner throughout theentire process. From forecasting and planning, project scheduling and coordination and implementation, AML will keep your project on track and deliver outcomes to the highest possible standard.

Project Planning and Forecasting

AML Advisory has a long history of providing project planning and forecasting services to our clients in Melbourne and regional Victoria. We assist organisations with the preparation of schedule and cost data to inform and facilitate effective project planning, which is essential for every project regardless of its size and complexity. AML also has a strong focus on lifecycle considerations across your project.  This enables informed decision making and understanding of the factors that will influence your project.

Complex Project Scheduling

Project scheduling management is a complex, time-sensitive and high stakes process. Inconsistencies in project management practices lead to project failures, which can further cause delays in schedule accomplishment. With our comprehensive and detail-oriented approach to project scheduling, AMLwill assist you in delivering your commitments on schedule and within budget.

Project Coordination and Implementation Management

At AML, we are committed to seeing your project through from start to finish. Our experienced project and program managers will keep your project running smoothly by establishing clear roles and responsibilities, managing all stakeholders, coordinating activities to align with industry specific regulations, mitigating potential risks and providing regular project reports.


What is an example of program management?

Program management is a process of planning, organising, and securing resources, whilst controlling the flow of work to fulfil a specific goal. The definition of program management can vary depending on the industry and organisation, but it generally involves managing multiple projects at once in order to achieve an overarching goal. Program managers typically work in conjunction with project managers to ensure all projects are being completed on time and within budget.

Why is program management important?

Program and project management is an important part of a project's success. Without it, you run the risk of losing sight of the three principles that drive all program and project success: your goals ando bjectives (quality), as well as wasting money (budget) and time in the process (schedule).

Why do you need a program manager?

There are many reasons as to why your organisation needs a program manager, but the most important one is to ensure that your project is tracking according to the predetermined schedule. A program manager ensures all of your team members are working together and moving toward a common goal. A program manager oversees productivity and facilitates collaboration and efficiency. Having one person in charge of overseeing the entire process guarantees accountability and stops tasks from becoming neglected.

How can compliance be guaranteed in the program management processes?

Compliance can be ensured during the program management processes by implementing processes and procedures that align with the relevant industry regulations such as ISO 9001, NIST SP800-53, PCI DSS and others. Ensuring compliance also involves creating a robust structure for reporting incidents of non-compliance to program management and leadership. When incidents are reported in a timely fashion and appropriat eaction is taken to address them, it's easier to ensure future incidents do not occur.

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