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The AML Advisory Service Offering

Established in 2003, AML Advisory draws upon the experience of a team of consultants with specialist skills in one or more of the AML Service Offerings outlined on this website.  Our consultants have, on average, at least 15 years of industry experience and have all come from specialist backgrounds including Defence Logistics, Information Technology, Engineering and Facilities and Capital Acquisition Project Management.  Within each specialist field it is AML’s commitment to advise you on opportunities for technology adoption and innovation that will drive your business growth and competitiveness.

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In understanding how AML Advisory can assist your business, it is important that we commence with viewing our service offering from a macro level. From this level you will see how AML provides an integrated approach to assisting your business and also has the knowledge and experience to advise on upstream and downstream effects that will influence decision making.

AML Advisory's Point of Difference

Our services are not separated silos of work. Rather, they each form parts of a greater whole. AML Advisory's key point of difference to our clients is our ability to see the bigger picture, identify issues early and achieve positive outcomes fully aligned to the unique goals and objectives of each client. The model below reflects the four key elements of the Lifecycle Management process that is often invisible to the clients we advise, including:

  • Business Operations Analysis
  • Acquisition
  • Sustainment
  • Disposal/Replacement

From this level, it is possible to introduce the range of AML service offerings that can be utilised in the Life Cycle Management process for your business requirements, and include the essential components of Professional Development and Project Management. The AML support to your business can be introduced at any stage and comes with the experience and knowledge to view forward on the potential impacts, or rearward on the preconditions that will support better outcomes, now and into the future. Take a moment to view the below model to inform your reading of our Service Offering pages.

AML Service Offerings