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Local Presence, National Reach
Founded in Melbourne in 2003, AML Advisory (AML) is a wholly owned and operated Australian company with a distinguished history for the delivery of services for the Australian Federal Government, Department of Defence, and Defence Industry. Utilising these skills and specialist expertise acquired in this space has allowed AML to assist many private and public organisations enter this highly competitive and demanding market, minimise resource wastage without compremising on quality of their services or products and achieve consistent and highly competitive outcomes. Due to our success in Melbourne and Brisbane, AML has a growing regional presence with services in Gippsland, Victoria and a newly established presence in Cairns, Queensland.

AML has delivered services throughout Australia as a specialist logistics adviser for equipment acquisition and sustainment project services, as well as project management and professional development services. Our experience has been demonstrated across Local, State and Federal Government organisations, assisting clients with complex project roles and assisting to drive successful outcomes. Of significance has been our involvement with national project roles with the Department of Defence, facilitating the delivery of strategic logistical advice for key equipment assets and infrastructure. This service has been acknowledged through AML’s accreditation on a variety of Federal, State and Local government panels.
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We are a local entity
Since 2003, AML has offered locally based expertise with Australia-wide resource supplementation, with vast domestic and international experience.
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AML is accredited
AML is accredited by both the Department of Defence and the Australian Federal Police for the delivery of logistical support services across a broad number of skillsets. This is formally recognises our skillsets and ability to deliver across a variety of Australian geographic locations.
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AML will assemble a team tailored for your business
AML teams are assembled based on industry and client specific variables of the markets in which they operate. This approach affords our clients access to dedicated Client Managers and our access to our teams of subject matter experts for the challenging problems that confront businesses day-to-day operations and planning.
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AML supports government initiatives in Victoria
AML team members are proudly a part of your region and our experience has been demonstrated across Local, State and Federal Government organisations, assisting clients with complex project roles and driving successful outcomes.
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Level 2, 420 Collins Street
Melbourne, VIC, 3000
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