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Asset Management at AML Advisory

Fundamentally, asset management is the process of optimising the value generated by an organisations’ various assets throughout their lifecycle. This includes the management of equipment, facilities, people, hardware and/or software to ensure performance at optimal levels and delivery of the desired return on investment (see our sections on Procurement advisory services and Equipment Sustainment for a more detailed understanding of lifecycle management).

AML Advisory has witnessed the benefits of adequately managing an organisations’ assets from procurement through to maintenance and decommissioning. You, as a client, will see an associated cost reduction as well as substantial return on investment.

Asset management is a vital piece of an effective business strategy and although it’s commonly overlooked, it can be the key to allowing your company to grow or stay competitive.

The asset management specialists  at AML are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to uncover high-growth investment opportunities. By executing a comprehensive asset management strategy and monitoring the performance of these assets, we can ensure lifespan is extended and therefore capital expenditure is optimised. 

Analysing existing assets is also a crucial step in ensuring the overall health of your business. By identifying under (or over) performing assets, changes can be made to their lifespan management plan or steps taken to procure precise goods or services. We work with your budget or scale relevant to your needs and dispose of surplus or insufficient assets. When referring to an asset’s lifespan, AML considers the following four phases: 

  • Concept and planning
  • Procurement and construction
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Decommissioning and recycling

Whilst operations and maintenance may not seem particularly exciting or relevant, it’s in this phase where the common question of, ‘Can we defer that for another year?’ is often faced and therefore offers the highest potential for value optimisation.

With certified practitioners, AML is able to offer a practical approach, based on a formal understanding of the ISO 55000 standards, to asset management that is vital for any business that seeks to achieve maximum ‘Value for Money’ from its capital investment budget.

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ISO 55000
A core practice within AML is asset management advisory services that align with the ISO 55000 standards. Too frequently, AML is witness to companies and organisations that fail to realise the implications of asset management decisions at all levels of operations.
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Value for Money
Implementing good asset management practices takes time. You need to consider annual budget cycles, competing priorities, and ensuring that assets aren’t being gold plated, nor neglected. It takes a skill set that is not readily available in the market. We are all aware of the construction boom that has been occurring in Australia, but very few get trained in how to manage assets over their life.

The AML Advisory Difference

AML team has significant experience in this field and has delivered asset management consultancy programs for capital equipment fleets from thousands of dollars in value to programs valued at several hundreds of million dollars.

The primary assets AML assists managing are predominantly physical assets such as property, plant and equipment (PP&E). Human assets, software or less tangible assets are equally important in consideration in the overall asset management approach.

AML offers a formalised approach to asset management that is vital for any business that seeks to achieve maximum ‘Value for Money’ from its capital investment budget.  Common Problems AML has been engaged in for asset management are:

  1. Asset Planning, Forecasting and Procurement
  2. Asset Wastage Elimination
  3. Asset Change and Transition Planning
  4. Asset Optimisation and Sustainment
  5. Asset Monitoring and Health Check

AML supports our clients to co-create an asset management plan which forecasts your chosen business operations at the lowest possible cost without compromising the quality or reliability of your products or services.

At AML, we are dedicated to delivering long term business growth for your organisation. We develop business solution strategies based on effective engagement with stakeholders throughout your organisation to identify key areas of potential. We are experienced with delivering successful asset management plans, strategies and frameworks for small and large businesses across both the public and private sectors. It’s because of this diverse experience that we’ve been able to develop skills to tailor our approach to suit the unique characteristics of your business operations.

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Delivering for your business's success

By partnering with AML Advisory you will be gaining a team of local experts who are committed to seeing your business succeed.

Book a consultation with us to discuss how optimising your company’s asset management could deliver a substantial return on investment.

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