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Project Management

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Project Management at AML Advisory
Our experienced delivery teams apply proven, best-practice project and program management methodologies. But that’s not to say we’re conventional in our approach.
For AML, a project is more than just a set of outputs and milestones. It goes further than project completion or even a quantifiable output. When we assist you with a program or project, we deliver positive, sustainable business benefits plus the tools and necessary frameworks to sustain that project.
That’s an important differentiator for our Program and Project Management services. It means we look at the big picture, working with you on everything, from project definition to initiation and execution, and from business change management to benefits realisation. We can even apply the same holistic mindset and skills to establishing and improving your in-house Project Management Office (PMO).
Since establishment in 2003, AML has consistently been engaged to provide project management resources delivering or assisting on government and commercial projects. This involvement has spanned minor project roles to meet short term objectives to multi-faceted complex defence programs valued in the hundreds of millions of dollars. We pride ourselves on our ability to balance quality, budget, and schedule in the successful completions of our projects.
Our project or program management services include:
  1. Project Planning and Forecasting
  2. Complex Project Scheduling
  3. Project Coordination and Implementation Management
  4. Program road mapping and structuring
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Tailored Project Management Consulting
Our experienced project consultants will work with your team for the lifecycle of your project, employing successful risk mitigation strategies and benefit optimising strategies that fully utilise the talents and strengths internal and external to the task. AML is certified and experienced across a range of Project Management Office (PMO) approaches including PMP, Prince2, Agile and MSP. Thus, AML can integrate seamlessly with your in-house team or preferred style to release the deliverables and milestones of the project.
At AML, we are committed to delivering the best sustainable business outcomes for our clients on a set schedule, and within budget. Coupling our superior project management consulting with comprehensive asset management strategies and procurement solutions will ensure the longevity of your business and the highest return on investment possible.


What are the five stages of project management?

  1. Conception & Initiation:
    This is the opening stage of the project. The proposal and objectives are broadened and approval to commence with the project is given.
  2. Definition & Planning:
    Stage two is when the original proposal is developed into a comprehensive plan and strategy. This included defining the scope, goals and milestones and employing risk mitigation methodologies.
  3. Plan Execution & Delivery:
    now the project is underway. Resources are assigned and performance tracking is implemented.
  4. Performance Management & Control:
    Throughout the project it’s important to monitor the milestones and ensure quality is being met.
  5. Closure & Lessons Learned:
    Once the project is complete, a review will take place to ensure the objectives set out in stages 1 and 2 are met.

What is project management consulting in Australia?

Project management consulting companies offer expertise in project and program management best practices to organisations looking to deliver a major project but who may lack the adequate skills and experience to achieve. At AML we work with clients through the five stages of a project and go beyond this by ensuring sustainable business improvements are made.

What project management skills are required in a project manager?

To successfully deliver on the objectives of a major project, a trained and experienced project manager is required. Knowledge of industry, superior organisation and stakeholder management skills are a necessity as well as strong leadership ability and proficiency in risk mitigation..

Delivering for your business’s success

By partnering with AML Advisory you will be gaining a team of local experts who are committed to meeting your project management requirements. Your organisation will team with a company that has international expertise, national reach but deliver your requirements locally.

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