Entering the Defence Industry | AML Advisory

Navigation of this environment is challenging to the inexperienced.

Here is where you can find some useful tips and tricks to make that goal much more achievable.

  1. Navigate the Defence marketplace.

This involves understanding where your particular product or service offering aligns to the defence needs or the direction that defence has indicated they are pursing. Does your product or service support capability revitalisation or a new capability? This territory often comes with its own ‘defence language’ barrier that AML is very well versed in and has supported local and international business efforts in pursuing entry and growth within the defence marketplace.

  1. Provide guidance and mentorship with tendering and documentation submission into Defence.

To meet a Defence market tender or Expression of Interest (EOI), businesses must be able to communicate and share knowledge necessary for Defence to assess their suitability for their needs. AML has previously been engaged by Defence and commercial entities to develop documentation that permits industry to engage effectively and compete for business opportunities. This experience has been for the delivery of products and equipment, services and ICT.

  1. Understand Defence supply chain nuances.

To succeed as a supplier into Defence supply chain, the business must respect and plan for the many facets of Defence logistical support that are considered, including specialist distribution requirements, warehousing and training. This is an extremely vital understanding as the prospective entity must be able to ensure no disruption to the logistical support system during implementation and operation. AML has significant experience assisting and guiding a range of businesses from SME’s to multinational primes undertaking to improve or implement their products into the Defence supply chain.

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